hello old friend

A few years ago the Bourke Street Bakery had a shop near where I work. I used to regularly buy some wonderful hazelnut and sultana sourdough bread from them. However one of the commercial arms of the Catholic Church bought their building and threw the Bakery out. I couldn’t get my bread from their new shop because it wasn’t ready early enough.

Anyway, the other day I called in to the “new” shop (the Central Baking Depot) when I had some time off work in the middle of the day. I asked them about the hazelnut and sultana sourdough and they told me that their operation had changed. They now bake this particular bread at another location and deliver it to the Central Baking Depot at about 07:30. Woo hoo!! I’ll now be able to buy my bread there again and get to work with time to spare before my official start time.

[Hazelnut & Sultana Sourdough cob from Bourke Street Bakery]
[I bought one while I was there: Hazelnut & sultana sourdough cob]

I might even linger there with a coffee. Watch this space for a report.


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4 Responses to hello old friend

  1. daiskmeliadorn says:

    they have really amazing hot chocolates there…

  2. christinelaennec says:

    More good news!

    • oldblack says:

      Good news – yes, indeed. In fact I just had a slice toasted for breakfast and it was wonderful!

      Although I’m deeply suspicious of too much good news, I’ll enjoy this while it lasts.

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