pigmentation & trepidation

For quite a while (maybe 5 years?) I’ve had this pigmented lesion above my left eye.

[my head, Jan 2012]
[pigmented spot in early 2012]

Then much more recently (maybe last year some time) I noticed I had developed another area of pigmentation on my back, just below the right scapula, where I could neither reach nor properly see.

[my back, Jan 2012]
[my back in early 2012]

I was a little concerned about these but hadn’t done anything, partly because I didn’t have a regular G.P. that I could consult. I guess it was the news of my sister’s cancer that prompted me to do something. I decided I wasn’t really ready to die – I have quite a few more good books I want to read. So if one of these were to be a melanoma (as my mother had some years ago), then perhaps I would want to have it removed.

I decided to try out a new G.P. – one who does a lot of running, so he can’t be all bad. More about him another time, but the result of my visit was that he wasn’t prepared to make a decision and he referred me to a skin cancer specialist. I couldn’t get an appointment until six weeks later, and yesterday that day arrived.

With some amount of fear and trepidation I walked from my work place here in Rat City up to the rather prosaic building in the formerly seedy, now decidedly trendy inner city suburb of Darlinghurst.

[Skin & Cancer Foundation]
[the Skin & Cancer Foundation]

To cut a long story short, the specialist and his registrar examined me from head to toe and declared my skin to be free of malignancy. Woo hoo!!

I had done some washing for my sister so I jumped on a bus to the hospital to return her clean clothes. I got there before the official start of visiting hours so I decided to celebrate my newly established health status with a long black in this café: Fresh Ground, in Randwick.

[Fresh Ground, Randwick]
[Fresh Ground, Randwick]

I think the coffee was Morgans (as on the footpath signs) rather than the superior Campos (as on the roof sign), but it tasted pretty good anyway.

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6 Responses to pigmentation & trepidation

  1. jule1 says:

    Congrats on being cancer-free, and congrats on overcoming your fear to check out your moles. I guess I should do that. It’s good to keep up with that stuff, right?

    • oldblack says:

      Yeah, it is good to do all that sort of stuff, but somehow I don’t seem to give it a high priority until an event occurs which jolts me into seeing the reality of what a life-or-death difference it could potentially make.

  2. christinelaennec says:

    Well that is cause for celebration! What a good brother you are to do your sister’s laundry. I’m sure she hugely appreciates it. There’s nothing like real help when you need it. Fingers crossed she can get some answers – and I’m keeping geowench’s comment in mind as well, about her long-lived friend!

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