bad to worse

I used to run to work every day. In February I developed some pains in my hip/pelvis. They didn’t go away so I decided to run more slowly. That didn’t help, so in May I decided to stop running altogether and walk to work. One day in June the soreness got suddenly worse and my GP suggested an X-ray.

[X-ray report, June 2012]
[X-ray report, June 2012]

The symptoms improved somewhat, so I thought I would just keep on walking to work and hope that, if there was an over-use injury from too much running, there would eventually be an improvement.

It’s now getting worse, not better. My next step is to try only walking slowly. This means setting my morning alarm 15 minutes earlier (02:15), or else cutting 15 minutes from my (sacred!?) book-reading time before work. Either way it’s a pretty miserable option.


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9 Responses to bad to worse

  1. geowench says:

    Well dude this sucks.
    Do I remember that there is some reason you can’t ride a bike?

    • oldblack says:

      Actually, I’ve been seriously thinking of getting the old bike out! I gave up bike commuting because I used to ride at peak hour and I decided my life was too good to put it at so much risk. But now…I commute out of peak hour and my life is pretty much over anyway! So those reasons for not riding don’t apply. I think I’d have to work up to it though. My muscles are pretty weak..

  2. christinelaennec says:

    I can’t understand the medical report but I get the overall gist. I’m really sorry you’re having this trouble, with all the other challenges you’re dealing with just now too. You’ve probably never encountered Kate Davies’ blog Needled ( as it’s primarily a knitting design blog. Kate had a stroke a few years ago and has had mobility problems ever since, though she’s made a lot of progress. She now rides a large tricycle – there are some photos of it here: I’ve no idea if the idea of doing the same fills you with horror or not – but thought I’d mention it just in case it was a helpful thing to point out. If not please ignore!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

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