My Sunday challenge

It’s Sunday. My favourite time of the week is from 07:00 to 08:00 today. I have bought a fruit bun (or two, or more) from the Lindfield bakery, and I sit in the car with a coffee and a book while I listen to Colin Fox’s Bach time on ABC Classic FM till the greengrocer opens. What more could a man want?

Normally I get my coffee, perversely, from a fish shop. It’s pretty good coffee and the barista, Chris, knows how to make it right. However Chris is sick of getting up early seven days a week and he’s arranged for another guy to take his place on Sundays, starting last week. I discovered that the new guy doesn’t know how to make a long black to my tastes. Last week’s was crap. He was there again today, so I decided to try the “new” (must be nearly a year old now) cafe nearby, Dose Espresso. I don’t normally go there because they seem somewhat pretentious…and they charge $0.50 more. Anyway, I decided $0.50 was a small price to pay to avoid the lousy coffee that the Chris-replacement served up last week.

[coffee from Dose Cafe, and current reading]
[my long black from Dose and my current reading]

It turned out OK. Not fantastic, but quite acceptable. Bach lived up to his usual standard, and my book was….challenging….but in an interesting way.

I reached a part in the book where a man is trying to deal with the discovery that he has a sexual attraction to his wife’s much younger brother. Three of my LibraryThing “friends” have this book listed, so I thought it was worth a look. Actually, I’m finding that it is indeed quite worthwhile reading. Even though the book’s action takes place in the American art world, I’m finding that I can relate quite well to the characters. The issue of same-sex attraction is (so far) sensibly managed.

So I faced a couple of Sunday challenges, and I’ve come out the other end, perhaps better off!

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5 Responses to My Sunday challenge

  1. christinelaennec says:

    I love that your favourite time is 7 – 8 am on a Sunday – precisely! And I laughed at “Bach lived up to his usual standard”.

    • oldblack says:

      I guess my Bach comment is the height of arrogance. I guess I should have said: I enjoyed Bach enormously, as I usually do.

      • christinelaennec says:

        Oh I didn’t read it as arrogant at all! I just thought – yes, that’s the thing about Bach, he never disappoints, unlike so many other things in life.

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