Bach time transformed

I’m nothing if not predictable. I like routine. For a long time my Sunday morning routine has been to first get up at 03:00 and run 15 km or so. Then I wash out the vegetable crisper drawers from the refrigerator and make up a fruit and vegetable shopping list. I then drive to the Lindfield bakery at about 06:30, buy fruit buns just as they emerge from the oven, then drive to Willoughby, buy a long black takeaway from Dose Espresso and drink it in my car while I eat my fruit bun, read, and listen to “Bach time” on the radio until the fruit and vegetable shop opens for business as 8 am.

Last Sunday was different. First, I have an Achilles tendon problem, so I had to walk the 15 km instead of running. Second, there was no car available due to my son taking the old red car to Newcastle for a Greens State Delegates Council meeting. I decided I didn’t want to miss my Sunday morning treats, so I dusted off my 40 year old bicycle (which I hadn’t ridden for about 15 years) pumped up the tyres, replaced the tail-light battery that was 10 years past its use-by date, and pedaled off to Lindfield.

The bakers were kind enough to package my very soft, warm fruit buns so they wouldn’t squash and I rode on to Dose Espresso. Their coffee was excellent and I was still early enough to be able to take one of the best seats in the house. No Bach though, as my life is now lived without portable music devices.

[a comfortable seat at Dose Espresso]
[a comfortable seat at Dose Espresso with daiskmeliadorn‘s bike helmet and my “winter” back-pack]

I reckon my Scottish-American tea-drinking ‘friend’, Christine, would like that chair too. But I won’t bring her here next time she visits Australia – there’s only one such chair in the whole establishment. All the rest are hard stools and benches.

I have to confess that I did not, however, follow my routine and buy my week’s fruit & veg from the adjacent shop. One large rockmelon weighed down my backpack quite enough. Later that day I walked with my shopping trolley to another set of closer shops instead. It was a nice change to transform Bach time into bike time, but I think I’ll be back to my car-based routine again next week – if the car is still alive.

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