Back to my origins

On Sundays I almost always have my first coffee of the day at Dose Espresso. They make their long blacks using a single-origin coffee which varies from month to month. The past two weeks they’ve had this Kenyan coffee:

[Kenyan coffee from Dose Espresso]
[Kenyan coffee from Dose Espresso]

“Full bodied”, they say. They’re quite right. This is remarkably different from the previous coffee they used. I presume it’s the coffee that makes the difference, but I sometimes wonder how important the barista is…the last two weeks I’ve also had a different barista from previous weeks so I’ll have to continue to observe and make notes to try & work out the important factors.

At work, during the week, I buy beans from Vella Nero, located not far from Rat City where I work. Every morning I grind up a day’s supply (three cups) and then make my coffees through the day with my small plunger. For quite a while I’ve been drinking their “Sumatra Mandheling Kuda Mas”, and I like it – more than the Mecca blend I used to drink. But since I’ve noticed such a difference with my Sunday Kenyan coffee at Dose, I’ve decided to try some other coffee sources available from Vella Nero. Today I tried this one:

[Vella Nero Ethiopian coffee]
[Ethiopian coffee from Vella Nero]

Hmmm…yes, there are subtle differences from the Sumatran coffee I previously bought, but they’re not dramatic. I wonder if there’s a “barista” effect here too? Maybe my plunger doesn’t bring out the differences so much? I should see if I can get some of those Kenyan beans from Dose and try them in my plunger. Probably by the time I next get to Dose (2 March) they’ll have a new Coffee-of-the-Month. No matter, this is a long term experiment, and I’m prepared to do the hard yards to see if I can optimise my coffee-drinking experience.

In a few months we’ll be moving into a new building at work, which will have a café downstairs. One thing I will not be doing is buying a shop-made coffee from there. If possible, I avoid relying on other people to provide things for me. Especially important things such as coffee. Besides, I’m expecting this café to be populated by ostentatious people who will be paying for the privilege of being seen in a pretentious and ridiculous building. If I’m desperate for a shop-coffee Mecca‘s Ultimo shop is only a block away.

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4 Responses to Back to my origins

  1. Nice read. No like button on your post? I like!

  2. christinelaennec says:

    Gosh you are a connoisseur!

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