Harris County’s loss is my gain

[Hodgen - Jewelers Eye for Flaw]

This is my current reading. Christie Hodgen’s debut publication, a book of short stories: Jeweler’s Eye for Flaw. I bought it second hand from some American book store, and it turns out that it’s a “discard” from Harris County Public Library.

[HCPL  discard]

Well, their loss is my gain, I thought. I don’t even know where Harris County is. I live in Australia, so I can be forgiven for that geographic ignorance, I guess. I found it – in Houston, Texas. Just for fun I looked up their catalog for other works by this great author.

Author keyword Hodgen, I typed:

[HCPL catalog response to Author keyword: Hodgen]

The first two are excellent books, in my opinion. And down below another Hodgen (a poet, I wonder if he’s related to Christie?) was this book. It turns out they’ve got two copies now. So the readers of Harris County do still have the pleasure of reading Christie’s work, despite their ruthless discarding of this item. So we’re all winners! The first story in the book (the title story) is classic Hodgen – funny in parts, but an underlying deep sadness and an excellent characterization. It leaves me feeling rather troubled and disturbed.


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5 Responses to Harris County’s loss is my gain

  1. Hello! I’ve been “offline” quite a bit lately, so missed your last few posts. I love this one, about the book that goes from Houston to Australia to find a good home. One of the many good uses of the internet.

    • oldblack says:

      Of course there are some people who would say that sending a small book from Houston to Sydney is a criminal waste of the world’s resources, and that if I can’t get a chosen book from my local area I should choose another book. They’re probably right in terms of the good of the planet, but the good of oldblack may require occasional profligate use of scarce planetary resources.

  2. oldblack says:

    John Hodgen, poet, and Christie Hodgen, novelist are related!

  3. You should have asked me, an ex-Texas girl, about Harris County! As it is, I wonder about the journey of these books from Texas to Australia. Interesting to think about, hm?

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