tweets from Brazil

Every week or so I go for a walk from Rat City up into the heart of the central business district to C.B.D. – the Central Baking Depot.

[Central Baking Depot]
[Central Baking Depot, Erskine Street, Sydney]

I buy a hazelnut and sultana sourdough cob, which I will divide into 8 pieces and freeze to provide my lunch for the next 8 working days. On the way back to Rat City I call in at Vella Nero and buy my coffee beans. I’ve been experimenting a little with beans from different sources, and this week I decided to go Brazilian.

[Brazil Daterra RFA coffee]
[Brazil Daterra RFA coffee from Vella Nero]

I have decided to put cynicism aside (this being Lent, when I’m trying to focus on the positives) and I am assuming that the Rainforest Alliance (RFA) certification actually means something. Nonetheless, I thought I’d better do at least a little bit of investigation myself. I found the Daterra web site, and I’ve decided that they must be a good organisation…they have the best “waiting” symbol to watch while the web page loads! And when you get there you realise one reason it takes time to load is that you get Brazilian rainforest birds (well, I assume that’s what they are) tweeting in the background. That’s good enough for me!


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2 Responses to tweets from Brazil

  1. christinelaennec says:

    You’re giving up brocolli *and* cynicism for Lent?! 😉 You’re right, that is a fab “waiting” icon.

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