I have PHT, not IGB?

I now think I have Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (PHT), [aka: upper/proximal/high hamstring tendonitis/tendinopathy] whereas my initial self-diagnosis was ischiogluteal bursitis (IGB).

This guy’s story is almost identical to my own and it took him two or three months to get better. He points out, and I agree, that it can be hard to distinguish this condition from ischio-gluteal bursitis (IGB) because the ischiogluteal bursa lies between the hamstring tendon and the ischial tuberosity.

Back view of pelvis & thigh
[painful spot on my pelvis]

In the end the diagnosis doesn’t really matter because the main treatment is the same: rest until pain-free and resume exercise only when it doesn’t provoke pain. One possible difference in management between IGB and PHT is that there’s probably no role for anti-inflammatory medication in the case of tendinopathy.

For this guy it took two years to start to get over the injury and he suffered terrible depression. I can relate to that.

I am resting . . .

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