the long road to recovery is also rocky

My shoulder is still painful and swollen from when I came off my bicycle as I rode to work two weeks ago. I’m desperate for exercise, however, and public transport is costing me $25 a week. So I decided to get back on the bike – and I rode to work yesterday.

As I rode through Rat City, approaching my work building, I heard my front tyre making a periodic clicking noise as though something was stuck to it. “Quite likely a piece of Rat City garbage”, I thought, and held my hand against the tyre for a few seconds as I rode along to scrape off any attached rubbish – and the noise stopped. I presumed it was indeed a piece of garbage and the last couple of minutes of my ride were uneventful.

I thought nothing more about it until I was heading off home in the evening – and found that my front tyre was completely flat. Hoping that it was a slow-ish leak, that I could repeatedly pump up to get me home, turned out to be a completely unrealistic hope. I couldn’t get the tyre to inflate at all.

Fortunately, I had a spare bike already languishing in the building’s basement – my Ten Dollar Bike.

[my Ten Dollar Bike (right) and my Good bike (left)]

The Ten Dollar Bike is not a great bike, but it has good low gears, and it got me home in 56 minutes (the inwards trip took 35 minutes….but I do live at the top of a hill).

Today I pulled out the tube of my Good Bike‘s front wheel to see if I could find the puncture to patch it. I didn’t have any trouble locating the hole!

[Rat City garbage punched a big hole in my tube and the side wall of the tyre doesn’t look too good either]

The cycling gods are not looking kindly on me. And my damaged AC joint is hurting more today, too.

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