Meeting Rose in Haven, with joy

I met for coffee with Dr Rose Ellis today. We went to Haven.

Haven coffee
[“Haven. tailoring coffee joyously”]

I found this place when I was looking for somewhere to meet Rose – near Central Station, but not too close to Rat City where I work. They serve the coffee on a wooden board with a little bowl of currants on the side. “Tailored” coffee? Not sure what that’s all about, but they did have a cold drip brew going, and my long black was quite an interesting flavour. And “joyously”? Well, the staff members I encountered all did seem kind of happy. I’d have to go back a couple of times before I passed a definitive judgement. Daiskmeliadorn arrives back in Australia in two days’ time, so maybe we’ll come here for a catch-up coffee.

Anyway, the reason I was meeting Dr Rose relates to her PhD topic – she wrote her thesis on the subject of my great Aunt Bee (NLA entry). I had recently acquired a weighty tome which is a combined cash-book/journal/ledger for accounts related to the family company, from whose funds Bee received payments. I wanted to get Dr Rose’s opinion on what should happen to this book (I was inclined to throw it out). It turns out that Dr Rose is thinking about turning her thesis into a commercial book and relished the opportunity to add to her vast store of knowledge about my family (she knows way more than me).

[Dr Rose reading the ledger]
[Dr Rose reads the cash-book/journal/ledger (what are those things, anyway?)]

Dr Rose had a quick look through and decided that she would like to examine it more closely before she passes judgement on the book’s value.

While we drank our coffee (she had a soy flat white….it’s just like drinking coffee with daiskmeliadorn!) she showed me an item recently added to the digital collection in the National Library of Australia. It was a newspaper article (if the now defunct Sunday Truth deserves to be in the “newspaper” category) about my great grandfather taking his daughter to court over an altercation they had in his shop. Love that headline!

[Headline in Sunday Truth, 19 September 1937]
[Headline in Sunday Truth, 19 September 1937]

We talked for a while about families, past and present, and agreed to meet again, perhaps here, when she has done some more work on her book. Dr Rose is a lovely person and has some very profound insights into deviance, mental illness, and families. I’m already looking forward to my next conversation with her.


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