A very good morning

It was a cool early winter morning, just after sunrise, as I walked up King Street, Newtown.


King Street Newtown
[King Street, Newtown.]

I was meeting daiskmeliadorn for breakfast in here, Handcraft Specialty Coffee. Neither of us had been here before, but I had walked past a couple of weeks ago and it looked interesting enough to explore further.

Handcraft Specialty Coffee
[Handcraft Specialty Coffee, King Street, Newtown.]

They had only just opened (at 07:00) and I was the only customer in the shop.

Handcraft Specialty Coffee
[inside Handcraft Specialty Coffee – nothing out of the ordinary here]

While I waited for daiskmeliadorn to arrive (I was early, of course), they gave me some iced water – with a sprig of mint in the bottle.

iced, minted water
[iced, minted water]

“That’s a good start”, I thought. Definitely a class above the plain, unrefrigerated tap water provided at most cafés.

It wasn’t long until daiskmeliadorn arrived, hungry for something substantial to get her through a busy morning to come, working in the campaign office of the local Greens candidate. She ordered the granola, but without yoghurt and with soy milk instead.

granola with fruit and soy milk
[granola with fruit and soy milk]

The granola came beautifully presented (my photo doesn’t do justice to the thinly sliced apple on top) with apple, strawberry, passionfruit, kiwifruit and banana, and with the soy milk in a cute little bottle.

We both ordered long blacks, hers made with the standard house blend while I opted for one of their single-origin coffees. I chose the Ethiopian as I have had good experience with another Ethiopian coffee, and I have a soft spot for that country. It is, after all, the birthplace of coffee.

Ethiopian coffee
[Ethiopian coffee]

My coffee turned out to be absolutely top drawer! Excellent flavour and extra hot. We talked while we enjoyed our breakfast, and the attentive staff replaced the cold water as we drank it, without us have to request it. As usual we covered a fair bit of ground in the conversation, but obviously the status of daiskmeliadorn’s brother, and the Greens campaign for the forthcoming Federal election were the major topics. We also talked about daiskmeliadorn’s employment, with the good news that she has been offered a job . . . two jobs, in fact! One is a public service position – secure, permanent, and moderately well paid. The other would be working as a researcher-activist for the international transport workers’ union – pay and duration unknown. You can guess which position she’s likely to accept.

I loved everything about Handcraft, and I was especially grateful that they didn’t follow the trend of most Sydney hipster cafés of providing hard metal seating. At Handcraft they provided very comfortable cushions.

[yes, even a cushion!]

It was a very good morning, and I went on my way rejoicing.


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