[cranberry-fig sourdough, made by my daughter, daiskmeliadorn]

I ate this delicious bread for breakfast this morning and enjoyed it enormously, savouring every single mouthful. It yielded a whole variety of wonderful textures and delicious flavours while I read my book about a father-son relationship and drank my first coffee of the day, while sitting in a nice quiet sunny window seat. Overall a fabulous breakfast experience.

In a couple of weeks’ time, however, on Monday 10 April, I will be eating white bread without crusts – with no enjoyment and indeed a certain amount of trepidation. I will be preparing for a date with Dr N on Wednesday 12 April when he will explore as much as he can of the inside of my gastro-intestinal tract. He will make his exploration in two journeys, beginning at each end of the gut. To prepare for this I have 24 hours of ‘low residue diet’ (nothing more exciting than white bread) on the Monday, followed by 18 hours of just clear fluids, then 6 hours of fasting. I then front up at the hospital to have an endoscope and a colonoscope inserted by Dr N. That can’t be much fun for me, can it?

Since my cancer diagnosis a few months ago, I have been attempting to make the most of each day, not knowing how many days there are ahead, and what those future days might hold. So I will continue to enjoy daiskmeliadorn’s bread while I have the chance.


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5 Responses to Exploration

  1. oldblack says:

    Since writing this post I read this article by a person I admire very much, Anton Enus, about the outcome of his colonoscopy. He and I have a certain amount in common, but I hope his ‘state of the purest despair’ is not added to that list of common experiences.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The colonoscopy prep is very different here – basically you are given a gallon (an actual gallon, no hyperbole) of stuff the night before to drink which makes you empty your bowels out. No one here could actually be trusted to follow a multi-day prep!

    That bread looks delish…


    • oldblack says:

      Well, yeah, I get a bowel-emptying treatment too. But not a gallon of it, thank goodness! I have one dose at 9 pm the night before (effectively ruling out sleep as an option after that!) and then a second dose at 8 am on the day of the colonoscopy (which is scheduled for 1 pm). It had better be worth it, although I’m not exactly sure what outcome I’m hoping for. At this stage I guess “no sign of cancer” would be the words I’d most like to hear Dr N say in my post-procedure drowsiness.

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