I should be somewhere else

I should be sitting on the toilet expunging the last remnants of faecal matter from my bowel with the assistance of a litre of Moviprep. But in fact, I’m sitting here.

I should be on a Nil By Mouth regimen, but I’m consuming this delightful vegan hot cross bun made by my daughter, daiskmeliadorn. 

Yesterday I had completed 24 hours of “white, low residue diet” (white bread, plain tofu, no fruit peel, no vegetable skins, no leafy greens, etc), and was two hours into a clear fluids only restriction when my phone rang. It was the office of my gastroenterologist, Dr N, advising me that Dr N’s partner had gone into labour earlier than expected and he was going to hold her hand and look into her eyes instead of holding a colonoscope and look into my bowel.

So my colonoscopy + endoscopy has been postponed to a date yet to be fixed. I am momentarily pleased that I can eat such Easter fare without restriction, but of course I am aware that once the rescheduled date is set, I will once again feel that sense of dread deep in my bowels.

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