street art and decoration

On my walking (or running when I’m healthy) commuter route to work there have been a few recent additions to the streetscape.

The two sculptures above have been installed by North Sydney Council. Each interesting in its own way. “What do they mean?”, I ask myself. Is that the wrong question? There’s clearly lots of symbolism in the lower one, located in Bradfield Park. The upper one, on the highway roadside near North Sydney Station, looks like a kind of three-dimensional lightning flash. Why?

A little further down the road, Milsons Point Railway Station is being renovated. The railway station is built into the northern abutment of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and in its current form was completed, along with the bridge itself, in the  early 1930s. Chrome plated art deco framings have been added as part of the renovation. I wonder if they were there originally?

And as shown below, there’s a new clock just installed (that’s not the correct time. It’s actually 03:30 but the clock hadn’t been turned on when I took the picture!). Several years ago they put in a fancy digital clock, but in keeping with the heritage emphasis of the current upgrade they have ripped out the digital and gone back to old-fashioned analog, in the traditional railway style.

 As interesting and valuable as these things are, my favourite streetscape decoration in this area is the stand of Gymea Lilies growing just outside the Milsons Point Railway Station entrance. I am always watching to see if any are flowering and to observe the gradual lengthening of the flower spears, wondering whether the flower will bloom before someone snaps off the spike.


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