snowdroppers in the suburbs

Yesterday’s washing used a lot of pegs.

At least two pegs for each sock and three or four for each pair of underpants.

We’re being attacked by snowdropping currawongs. [ More on snowdropping – see this 1930 letter to the Sydney Morning Herald]

The pied currawong is a common bird in my part of Australia. Large-ish, noisy, and smart. They are quite good at getting clothes off the clothes line, presumably to make their nest more comfortable.

Although from the numbers of socks and pairs of underpants that I find in the yard and on the street, it seems they’re not all reaching their destination. Or is it that the currawongs are not nest building but just snowdropping for fun?


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One Response to snowdroppers in the suburbs

  1. Lucille says:

    Before I looked at the link I thought it had something to do with the white bird droppings which must surely be aby product of this nefarious activity. There is a blogger in New York at City Views Country Dreams who leaves wool strands in Central Park in spring for the birds to line their nests with.
    That white loaf worried me. Rather too blue for my liking. Your medical marathon is quite an endurance test. I’m glad you have some people cheering you on.

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