Last Monday I was on a white diet. On Tuesday that continued, and then in the afternoon my diet was restricted to just clear fluids. On Tuesday night I drank, with great distaste and difficulty, a litre of Moviprep, then waited for the massive dose of diarrhoea required to completely flush out my bowel for a colonoscopy and endoscopy scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. The diarrhoea didn’t really hit until after consuming the second litre of Moviprep on Wednesday morning.

This preparation was awful, but worse was the possible prospect of having an ‘Anton Enus moment‘ after the procedure. (For Anton, while still drowsy from his colonoscopy anaesthetic, he was informed by his doctor that they  found a large tumour in his colon. ) Or perhaps I would be told that I had Crohn’s disease or colitis, as suffered by two of my three children, with the prospect of undesirable drugs and possible surgery in the future.

My daughter, daiskmeliadorn, knew I was dreading this. She knew I needed something to look forward to, beyond the Moviprep, beyond diarrhoea, and beyond the hospital experience. She offered breakfast together  on Thursday – vegan muffins and coffee at Soma (formerly known as Mecca). And she would bring a loaf of her famous sourdough bread.

And so it came to pass. I survived. We met for breakfast. She gave me a chocolate and walnut sourdough, 50% wholemeal.

And I have, at least for the time being, avoided the Anton Enus moment. Nothing sinister was apparently seen.

The endoscopy report says: “Hiatus hernia“.

The colonoscopy report says: “Retained prep in parts of bowel. No colitis. Routine biopsy. Review in 4 – 6 weeks to discuss repeating with extra prep.

I’m not even thinking about that “...repeating with extra prep“. I’m living for the moment, enjoying daiskmeliadorn‘s bread like never before.


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