“Now you have”

It’s 03:30 and I’m walking down the Pacific Highway at North Sydney, on my way to work. It’s a 6 lane road with a small dividing median strip in the middle and I’m walking on the side with the traffic coming towards me, but there is no traffic in either direction. Well, why would there be, at this time of day? I’m listening to my ABC Classic radio with the gorgeous voice of Vanessa Hughes back-announcing the Handel’s Water Music I had been enjoying as I walked.

Suddenly I hear a siren behind me, and I turn around to see a police paddy wagon with lights flashing and siren sounding, headed towards me driving down the wrong side of the road.

[police car lights]

I move over onto the footpath and he stops next to me.

Police Officer: 
Why are you walking down the middle of the road?

Because it’s safer than walking on the dark, wonky footpaths and I don’t normally have police cars come up behind me.

Police Officer:
Well now you have.


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ageing and decaying, misanthropic, cynical...black
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2 Responses to “Now you have”

  1. Julee McClelland says:

    With the way police officers are behaving in the U.S., I would have been very frightened by this encounter. Were you? Or are the police less violent in Australia?

  2. oldblack says:

    I think police are different here, Julee. They can be violent, especially in a situation when you’re identified as a ‘trouble maker’ in their eyes: if you’re black, or you’re in a political demonstration, etc. But I’ve had enough nocturnal encounters with the local police to realise that they’re usually just trying to find a little amusement in a long night shift where nothing much is happening!

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