The varieties of degeneration

I ran the whole 10 km distance to work on Monday. It felt OK. The knee pain I thought might be osteoarthritis, or could be coming from the medial meniscus, was under control with paracetamol and didn’t seem to be worsened by the run. I’m now regretting that run.

Today I caught the Night Ride bus to the north end of town and walked the remaining distance down to Rat City in the south end of Sydney.

I am now quite convinced that my knee pain is not osteoarthritis (which may benefit from activity, and even pushing through the pain), but is actually a damaged, degenerated meniscus – with an initial period of rest being perhaps the best treatment approach at this stage. My right knee is OK, but the left is quite sore with only a moderate level of use, and is even sore at rest sometimes.

More significantly, on Monday afternoon the slight intermittent heel pain I had felt over the weekend, turned into a consistent troubling pain, which seems to originate from the point of attachment of the fibres of the Achilles tendon. I have had Achilles tendon troubles in the past and I am very wary of doing anything that might exacerbate the condition.

So between  the left knee and the right Achilles I really need to keep my activity to a low level to allow some recovery and (hopefully) healing and pain reduction to occur. I will try keeping up small amounts of gentle walking, but I think I’ll be using the Night Ride bus quite a lot in the next few weeks.


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