Not giving up – yet

The arthritis in my left hip joint has stopped me from doing any running for the past 4 weeks.  I have no idea why it chose October 2017 to get significantly worse.

Yesterday, when I was walking to work, I tripped, and although I thought nothing of it at the time, it was apparent in the evening that I had traumatized my big toe – perhaps the metacaro-phalangeal joint?

Looks very bruised so there’s obviously been bleeding internally somewhere, but it’s not painful.

Despite not doing any running for the past month, my arthritis symptoms have shown very little improvement. Today I decided, however, that I was not prepared to give up running quite yet. I decided to run the last 1 km of my pre-breakfast walk, finishing along The Goods Line:

So far, (now 5 hours later) neither my toe nor my hip are complaining too much. Maybe I’ll try the same thing tomorrow?


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One Response to Not giving up – yet

  1. oldblack says:

    Hip pain definitely worse in the afternoon after this run, but improved enough that I could try it again the next morning. Not sure what strategy is going to keep my joints viable over the long term

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