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art imitates my life

I don’t know what haruspicy* means, but this is the story of my life at the moment: Lerner, Ben (2014) 10:02, London, Granta, p. 206 A doctor discovers accidentally that the main character in poet Ben Lerner’s novel 10:02 has an unusual … Continue reading

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Meeting Rose in Haven, with joy

I met for coffee with Dr Rose Ellis today. We went to Haven. [“Haven. tailoring coffee joyously”] I found this place when I was looking for somewhere to meet Rose – near Central Station, but not too close to Rat … Continue reading

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Private posts

Here are some quotes from books that I’ve found interesting, but recently blog posts have been private. Looking at John it seemed to her that men are forever alone. Men, she said to herself, are not like women. Their aloneness … Continue reading

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His Whole Life

“…the question that interests me is how do we live with ourselves, given our failings and mistakes.“ Elizabeth Hay, author of His Whole Life

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the two-two boy grows old

I’ve just started reading a new book, One Day, by David Nicholls. It begins in 1988 with two young people in bed together (for the first time), celebrating their university graduation and contemplating their future lives. He had one last … Continue reading

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long distance

I’m pretending to be training for a marathon, so it’s been on my mind lately. I’m doing long Sunday runs in the dark: 29 km a couple of weeks ago, 32 km next Sunday. My morning commute was extended to … Continue reading

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running away

I discovered Rose Tremain when I read The Road Home, which was OK, but not great. I felt sympathy for the main character who has travelled to England, and is working in the restaurant business (mostly at the bottom level … Continue reading

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