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Alive – but not a great life

Yes, I survived radical robotic prostatectomy. Life without a cancerous prostate is not great, however. We all know about this issue – the side effects of the surgery (impotence, incontinence) are not good, and lots of men have prostate cancer … Continue reading

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In August I developed a sore back while running to work. Over a few weeks it gradually got better and I started running to work again. After about a week of running the same thing happened again. Suspecting something significant … Continue reading

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art imitates my life

I don’t know what haruspicy* means, but this is the story of my life at the moment: Lerner, Ben (2014) 10:02, London, Granta, p. 206 A doctor discovers accidentally that the main character in poet Ben Lerner’s novel 10:02 has an unusual … Continue reading

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all over

I’ve been running as long as I can remember. I remember being the boys captain of our school athletic team that travelled to a small country town (Dorrigo) for an inter-school competition when I was aged 8 or 9. We … Continue reading

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What next?

He’s out! Today Matt was released from hospital. It’s highly likely that he’ll be back in a few weeks, however, for the removal of part of his large bowel. That’s where Matt’s Crohn’s Disease seems to be most active and … Continue reading

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nothing to talk about

I’m writing private notes to myself (with occasional, sporadic public revelations), but that uses up just about all my energy for communication. My mother told me yesterday that I am “old and stupid“, and I guess she’s right. I have … Continue reading

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Currently mostly private

My blog posts are usually private. I wrote in my private diary on: 24 December, 2015 23 December, 2015 22 December, 2015 18 December, 2015 16 December, 2015 15 December, 2015 14 December, 2015 11 December, 2015 10 December, 2015 … Continue reading

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