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thick and black

“I have never seen Vegemite spread so thickly“, said my American work colleague, staring at my lunch of wholemeal sourdough toast with a thick black covering. Although it was actually Marmite, not the American-owned Vegemite, the point was taken nonetheless. … Continue reading

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Belinda says ‘jump’, I ask ‘how high’?

Months ago my daughter told me how much she enjoyed listening to Brad Beer’s podcast, The Physical Performance Show.  I listened to a couple of episodes, but I guess I wasn’t sufficiently performance oriented at the time to keep it … Continue reading

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I should be somewhere else

I should be sitting on the toilet expunging the last remnants of faecal matter from my bowel with the assistance of a litre of Moviprep. But in fact, I’m sitting here. I should be on a Nil By Mouth regimen, … Continue reading

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the long road to recovery is also rocky

My shoulder is still painful and swollen from when I came off my bicycle as I rode to work two weeks ago. I’m desperate for exercise, however, and public transport is costing me $25 a week. So I decided to … Continue reading

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First pride, then…

[my head, damaged] Starting yesterday, I’ve begun riding my bike to work because of my injured hamstring tendon. I managed to ride the 11 km trip each way without any major problems, except the steepest hills seem to have become … Continue reading

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I climb (slowly)

I may have PHT, but I’ve found I can still exercise. I climb up and down the fire stairs in this building. Four times up (to level 13) and down. 1100 steps altogether. 30 minutes exercise. The key to exercise … Continue reading

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in step with The Boss

I have a ‘new’ boss. Well, she’s been in charge since May, so she’s not really new, but we’re still getting to know her. One thing I discovered is that she and I share a preference for taking the stairs … Continue reading

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