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the long road to recovery is also rocky

My shoulder is still painful and swollen from when I came off my bicycle as I rode to work two weeks ago. I’m desperate for exercise, however, and public transport is costing me $25 a week. So I decided to … Continue reading

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First pride, then…

[my head, damaged] Starting yesterday, I’ve begun riding my bike to work because of my injured hamstring tendon. I managed to ride the 11 km trip each way without any major problems, except the steepest hills seem to have become … Continue reading

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I climb (slowly)

I may have PHT, but I’ve found I can still exercise. I climb up and down the fire stairs in this building. Four times up (to level 13) and down. 1100 steps altogether. 30 minutes exercise. The key to exercise … Continue reading

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in step with The Boss

I have a ‘new’ boss. Well, she’s been in charge since May, so she’s not really new, but we’re still getting to know her. One thing I discovered is that she and I share a preference for taking the stairs … Continue reading

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the two-two boy grows old

I’ve just started reading a new book, One Day, by David Nicholls. It begins in 1988 with two young people in bed together (for the first time), celebrating their university graduation and contemplating their future lives. He had one last … Continue reading

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the dismal science

[clock in economist’s office] They call it the dismal science. Economics. I often have my coffee in a spot near where a group of economists have their offices. One of them has this clock in his office. While I suspect … Continue reading

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meeting daiskmeliadorn

Daiskmeliadorn, now back from Cambridge, texted me and suggested that we get together at Toby’s Estate Chippendale for coffee this morning. She has a doctor’s appointment nearby so we’ll meet after her session with the quack. [coffee at Toby’s Estate, … Continue reading

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