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Not fair

A few years ago my sister died, aged only 60. Then, a couple of years later, her husband died, aged 61. Now, my brother’s ex-wife has died, aged in her 50s. In contradistinction, it seems as though my mother is … Continue reading

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but no dog

It was my partner’s birthday on Thursday, and I have some regrets about the way I marked that occasion. I did also give her a card and some flowers – sweet scented white stocks (Matthiola, which are members of the … Continue reading

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It was my partner’s birthday yesterday. I thought we should have a cake to mark the occasion. Our oven has been broken for about ten years so even if I were a reasonable cook (which I’m not), I couldn’t really … Continue reading

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My coffee warrior

Today (Monday 08 June) is a public holiday in Sydney Australia, as we celebrate the Queen’s birthday (weird eh?). [Elizabeth II celebrates – picture is on Huffington Post web site] Most people (me included) don’t give a damn about the … Continue reading

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I wish I was in Boston

I wish I was in Boston and I had some time to kill. I’d be spending all of Saturday at the First Lutheran Church. From 8am to 6:30 pm it’s non-stop Bach to celebrate Johann Sebastian’s 329th birthday on Friday. … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Antonio

Antonio Vivaldi, birthday boy The Red Priest turns 446 today, according to my calculations. To celebrate I’m listening to Louisa Hunter-Bradley and The Australian Classical Players performing the Recorder Concerto in C Major, RV443. I’m at work, drinking my first … Continue reading

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how sweet it is

L turned 60 yesterday, so we celebrated by going out to dinner at Ivan and Lissie’s Teahouse and Eatery. We began by sharing an entrée: Japanese style braised shiitake mushrooms served with “snow ear” white fungi, soy beans and ginko … Continue reading

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