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It was my partner’s birthday yesterday. I thought we should have a cake to mark the occasion. Our oven has been broken for about ten years so even if I were a reasonable cook (which I’m not), I couldn’t really … Continue reading

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I wish I was in Boston

I wish I was in Boston and I had some time to kill. I’d be spending all of Saturday at the First Lutheran Church. From 8am to 6:30 pm it’s non-stop Bach to celebrate Johann Sebastian’s 329th birthday on Friday. … Continue reading

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Party, party, party! My sister had just arrived back in Sydney, on route to her home near Canberra, after a couple of weeks elephant watching in Africa. My brother was just about to fly back home to Scotland after a … Continue reading

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He’s number one!

As my wobbly writing on the celebration cake indicates, my youngest child was declared the number one candidate for a short-term, part-time position with the Greens. Yes, he’s got a job! [cake to celebrate Seamus getting a job] Yep, he’s … Continue reading

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down and out

Yesterday started off OK. It was J.S.Bach’s 327th birthday, and my favourite radio stations were playing some great Bach music, including a lovely version of the Brandenburg Concerto No 4 (with the “flute” parts played by recorders) played on 2MBS … Continue reading

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we made it!

I reckon we must have the world’s most onerous requirements for the parents of children who are learning to drive. Learners have to have 120 hours of logged practice with a licenced driver (usually a parent) sitting beside them. And … Continue reading

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Thanks ‘Adolphe’.

Ok, we’re a few days late, but we’ve been working our way through another cake and having two going at once seemed like a calorific extravagance we could not afford. [Adolphe Sax 197th birthday cake] We have three of Mr … Continue reading

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