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My coffee warrior

Today (Monday 08 June) is a public holiday in Sydney Australia, as we celebrate the Queen’s birthday (weird eh?). [Elizabeth II celebrates – picture is on Huffington Post web site] Most people (me included) don’t give a damn about the … Continue reading

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The barista wears gum boots

Ever since my partner was retrenched on 19 May we’ve been living with a pretty tight budget. That budget allows me just two purchased coffees each week. I choose to have one of those on Sunday mornings. In the past … Continue reading

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what sustains me

I’m not sure what kind of relationship is required to justify the term ‘friend‘. There’s a woman I encounter every Sunday and we often exchange greetings. She has a thick European accent of some sort and is rather focussed on … Continue reading

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Back to my origins

On Sundays I almost always have my first coffee of the day at Dose Espresso. They make their long blacks using a single-origin coffee which varies from month to month. The past two weeks they’ve had this Kenyan coffee: [Kenyan … Continue reading

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Bach time transformed

I’m nothing if not predictable. I like routine. For a long time my Sunday morning routine has been to first get up at 03:00 and run 15 km or so. Then I wash out the vegetable crisper drawers from the … Continue reading

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My Sunday challenge

It’s Sunday. My favourite time of the week is from 07:00 to 08:00 today. I have bought a fruit bun (or two, or more) from the Lindfield bakery, and I sit in the car with a coffee and a book … Continue reading

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