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art imitates my life

I don’t know what haruspicy* means, but this is the story of my life at the moment: Lerner, Ben (2014) 10:02, London, Granta, p. 206 A doctor discovers accidentally that the main character in poet Ben Lerner’s novel 10:02 has an unusual … Continue reading

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running away

I discovered Rose Tremain when I read The Road Home, which was OK, but not great. I felt sympathy for the main character who has travelled to England, and is working in the restaurant business (mostly at the bottom level … Continue reading

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The Bringer of . . .

Yesterday, as every day, I visited my mother in the nursing home. She has recovered from her recent bouts of gastro-intestinal bleeding that had threatened to bring about her earlier-than-otherwise-expected demise. She’s now unhappily living out her final years (maybe?) … Continue reading

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I’m finished

It took me nearly a month, but I finally finished Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. I found it to be an excellent book and it has had a profound personal impact on me. Looks like a time of personal … Continue reading

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[Carol Shields Unless, and a long black] I’m reading Carol Shields’ book Unless. I love this book and yet in some ways I feel very sad when reading it. I acquired it many years ago, and I’ve had it put … Continue reading

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Ann died last night. Peacefully, as they say. I guess that’s right too. She had said her goodbyes to everyone and was as prepared for death as anyone can be. Similarly, we have been prepared for this time and have … Continue reading

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travelling south (-west)

[ready to depart Central Station] It’s 06:58, and having taken advice from my daughter (“daiskmeliadorn“) who did the same trip last week, I have my double-shot long black from the shop near the station, and on the seat next to … Continue reading

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