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Birthday cake

Happy birthday to my brother! I made this cake to mark the occasion, because I really appreciate the support he has given me and my family, but also, more importantly, just for being the person that he is. He is … Continue reading

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Christ Church St Laurence has been connected with my family for a long time. It was reported that my eccentric great Aunt Bee regularly slept on the church grounds, with the apparent blessing of the rector. My daughter, daiskmeliadorn, attends … Continue reading

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In August I developed a sore back while running to work. Over a few weeks it gradually got better and I started running to work again. After about a week of running the same thing happened again. Suspecting something significant … Continue reading

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[Matt survives surgery!] Following his ’emergency’ admission to hospital a few weeks ago, after tests, discussions, and some thinking time, it was decided that the best option for Matt would be to have part of his large bowel removed. So … Continue reading

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Meeting Rose in Haven, with joy

I met for coffee with Dr Rose Ellis today. We went to Haven. [“Haven. tailoring coffee joyously”] I found this place when I was looking for somewhere to meet Rose – near Central Station, but not too close to Rat … Continue reading

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written off

When my mother realised her reaction times and physical abilities had significantly declined, she handed in her driver’s licence and bequeathed her car to me. For a number of years we used the car to drive my mother to medical … Continue reading

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beautiful, but alone

Our magnolia tree, which was planted by my parents about 40 years ago, is flowering: [magnolia flower – winter 2015] It’s had a hard life. I remember when it was only just planted, maybe about a year old, our dalmatian … Continue reading

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