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I should be somewhere else

I should be sitting on the toilet expunging the last remnants of faecal matter from my bowel with the assistance of a litre of Moviprep. But in fact, I’m sitting here. I should be on a Nil By Mouth regimen, … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year again. chocolate-banana vegan pancake, Shrove Tuesday 2017 I like the idea of Lent, of spending a period focusing on something different from your ‘normal’ life in the hope that you emerge somehow as a … Continue reading

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Daiskmeliadorn is heading off to New York today for a three week ‘investigative’ holiday. So yesterday we had the perfect excuse to get together for vegan muffins at Mecca Ultimo. vegan muffins with dasikmeliadorn at Mecca Ultimo As usual for … Continue reading

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We celebrate! We eat!

We didn’t sing The Internationale (Billy Bragg’s lyrics), but it was a great May Day celebration, nonetheless. Matt, who has recently been laid so low by Crohn’s disease and its surgical treatment, arranged for the family to go out to … Continue reading

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It was my partner’s birthday yesterday. I thought we should have a cake to mark the occasion. Our oven has been broken for about ten years so even if I were a reasonable cook (which I’m not), I couldn’t really … Continue reading

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putting on a happy face

They’re back! Daiskmeliadorn and her partner, Sam, have returned from Cambridge and last night the family went out to dinner to celebrate having them back. D & S are living with Sam’s sister in the swanky but cosmopolitan eastern suburbs … Continue reading

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private Lenten reflection

I’m not religious, not a church-goer, but I’m using the christian idea of Lent being a period of self-examination. I’m reading this blog post as a stimulation to my thoughts and making a few notes. I have also moved from … Continue reading

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